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Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not all plain sailing. Occasionally, you just need to let your hair down and get away with some good friends.

We know. That’s what took us to Cuba for the first time, the journey of a lifetime. Cuba has a magical charm, influenced by a melting pot of cultures, where time appears to stand still. Classic cars dominate the streets and cigars are hand-rolled, the traditional way. The unique, authentic culture drips from every street corner. The music, the cuisine and, of course, the celebrated cocktails.

Good times. We wanted to capture this feeling and share it with others. That would be fun, right? That’s why at Havana Beach, we’re passionate about creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere that transports you away. Located on Manly Beach, Havana Beach brings the carefree Carribean vibes to Sydney shores. It’s a lifestyle that we strive to manifest, day after day.

It’s about who we’re with and how much love and joy we share. Cuba is all about community, and Havana Beach is too. So, we created a place where we can get together and celebrate, once in a while. We’re here for our loyal locals, and everyone else looking for a good time. We consider our customers and team as family.

Our mission is #havanagoodtime: to create an authentic experience and fun environment, so that our customers can relax and enjoy the journey. The Havana Beach maestro mixologists are carefully selected to create faultless cocktails, with flair. Traditional ingredients are poured into our food and drink menus, along with a lot of love and care.

We combine passion and playfulness with heaps of Carribean flavour, to whisk you away.

We’re here to have some fun. We’re #havanagoodtime.

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